HG CNC Machine, Inc.

Limerick, PA

HG Associates, Inc. was formed in 1969 as a proprietorship with Harlan Gustafson, Jr. as the sole proprietor. In 1979 the company became incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania. The company employed from six(6) to twelve(12) people as engineers, technicians, machinists, and clerical people. The company occupied a building at 114 Airport Rd., Limerick Township, Pottstown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania of 12000 sq. ft. in area. The company owned approximately $800,000 worth of machinery including CNC milling machines, inertia engine dynamometer, specialized quality control equipment, special honing equipment, balancing equipment, lathes, presses, and all related machine shop hand tools. The work of the company was engineering, designing, building, and testing racing engines for all forms of motorsports. Also, the engines built by others were redesigned and or rebuilt to our own specification or the specifications of others. Race engine components and assemblies are manufactured and sold to customers separately as well. HG Associates, Inc. has supplied engines to customers all over the world from Australia to Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands to Oregon, USA. We are well known and respected in our local area as well for some 35 years.

As of November 2014 HG Associates, Inc. has been dissolved and HG CNC Machine, Inc. created. Everything is the same, phone numbers, physical address, and principal, Harlan “Gus” Gustafson. The only difference now is that HG doesn’t build engines anymore. We only do Accellodyne(r) engine testing and CNC block lightening.  Heffentrager Performance, LLC. has taken over the engine building business. Craig Heffentrager, longtime employee of HG Associates, Inc. has taken over all the customers and equipment from HG Associates, Inc. This change took place in November 2014. For all your engine work you can call Craig at 484-686-9351 or email him at heffentragerperformance@gmail.com.  He is also on Facebook.